Monday, February 14, 2011

Live :: Rendezvous, Joe Tinkler, Royal Foundlings & Awaken

130211_ Rendezvous #8

Last night I had the opportunity to meet up with Innes, Caroline and Gregor from eat-a-CD. They were supporting a gig in Bothwell where two of their bands were playing - Royal Foundlings and Awaken.

130211_ Rendezvous #10

First up were a young power-punk band from Skye called Rendezvous (above). The trio really warmed things up and showed spirit. They brought some of their fanbase... and a sense of excitement to the night.

130211_ Joe Tinkler #2

Next up was a young singer-songwriter called Joe Tinkler whose acoustic guitar based songs were so good... they made me put my camera down and pay attention! His sound was enhanced by the drummer of Royal Foundlings on bongos.

130211_ Joe Tinkler #4

After Joe played his set... I was introduced to the entertainment that is Royal Foundlings. We were in their home town and that was apparent by the support they had.

130211_ Royal Foundlings #6

Their intense energy was so infectious... the lead singer was on fire... it was like watching Jack Black in "School of Rock" live... and their keyboard player was off-the-hook crazy.

There was one moment where the leadsinger's guitar wasn't happening and the keyboard player fixed it onstage... whilst the drummer and bassist kept the music going. It was an awesome moment in a very entertaining set.

130211_ Royal Foundlings #9

Nearing the end of their set... they brought on two additional drummers for a banging and deeply euphoric track. Exciting just doesn't cut it. It was pure, unadulterated fun.

After a short thought from the Royal Foundlings' pastor... we were introduced to Awaken.

130211_ Awaken #7

Led by Mark Cameron, their sound is a wonderful complete a full wall-of-sound... post-rock in places with layered guitars and a cello (everything sounds better with a cello). I didn't know how they would better Royal Foundlings but they did... not that it was a competition or anything... they did it in their own way.

130211_ Awaken #30

I was blown away... blown away by the talent on offer... blown away by the spirit of worship on display and the genuine sense of loving Christian community.

I'm not a fan of worship music but the bands I heard last night could really change my thinking. They didn't deal in cliches... but in real and authentic experience... and that's something I can get behind.

A great night all in.

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