Monday, February 14, 2011

I really like this idea :: The sabbath manifesto

I like the idea of switching off... although I am terrible at it and really struggle to do it. I like their spirit and commend their motivation.

Imagine, for one moment, what life would be like if we actually could do it? Think about it. Could you do it?


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Laura Whispering said...

With the exception of the 'drink wine' part, this sounds like a step by step guide to my time in Tanzania.

Unfortunately, i can't say the same for my life in the UK, which is a sad reflection on how tangled up i am in my culture.

Angus Mathie said...

I like the principle of the Sabbath rest but which day? Our Sundays tend to be days of activity of various sorts. I believe we would benefit greatly from cultivating basic, simple spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, fasting, etc., and have the strength to switch off as much as possible.


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