Monday, February 21, 2011

Five from bandcamp #7 (for Music Monday)

Apologies for not doing a "five from Bandcamp" post for a while... been stoked by the amount of quality music I've found but have been real busy. Anyway... excuses aside... I've got five peaches for you for "Music Monday".

First up is a wonderful release on the itsu jitsu netlabel from Glasgow, Scotland; entitled CXR Siphon / Non​-​Field by 2 Degree Ramp.

I have featured the opening track... Pouring the fluid into the system... on my recent mixcast. Simply because I love it. The album consists of wonderfully lo-fi experimental yet sonically dense guitar-orientated instrumental electronic rock music... that reminds me of Tommy Guerrero's work on Mo' Wax.

The only thing that disappoints me about this release is its duration... four tracks just aren't enough.


Pay what you want.

Next up we have some minimal piano soundscapes from Iceland - attended only by birds from bgudna consists of sparse and stripped back piano soundscapes that were written and performed by Björgvin Guðnason. The lack of additional instrumentation and the apparent dissonance at times will not be to everyone's taste but I like them... the soundscapes create wonderful pictures in my head of caverns, stalactites and dripping water. They have a feel of accompaniment... as if they are the soundtrack to a film.

Pay what you want.

Elevator Music by Lullatone is pure, unadulterated joy! and definitely not muzak. The tracks are short, catchy, and very quirky slices of synthpop. More like high-end jingles and incidental music for your favourite cult Japanese show or kids TV spot (think "Yo Gabba Gabba") than Depeche Mode. Nonetheless... it makes for a fab distraction from the greyness of the day and creates cartoon rainbows in your mind (well... it does for me).

Here's a wee video to give you a flavour of their sound:

Pay what you want.

The penultimate album in this five is from Phil Wilkerson... the man behind the Complex Silence project. Color of Heaven by Jane's Scenic Drive is a wonderfully diverse collection of experimental ambient electronic soundscapes... that not only reminds me of Cousin Silas but complements his work very nicely (see my latest mixcast for more).

I love ambient music that politely demands your attention... that happily sits both in the foreground and the background depending on your mood and need at that particular time... this is that kind of music. Wonderfully engaging and evokative walls-of-sound. Lovely.

Pay what you want.

Last up we have Together by Hosannas. Theirs is an enticing form of indie avantpop... that sounds like an urban car journey rather late at night in the not-so-nice part of town. You really need to hear this album up loud... it is rather unique and feels deliciously fresh and new... whilst referencing neatly the past.

What's more... for $10 you can get the CD and a digital download... or you can spend $10 and get the digital download. Next payday I'm dropping $10 for the CD.


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