Sunday, February 05, 2012

Books with great covers... part 2 :: Alexander McCall Smith

I found this book - "The Girl who married a Lion" - in the same charityshop that I found "At the End of the Rainbow". The Amazon blurb describes it as follows...

"The Ndebele people of Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, from whom these stories originate, are renowned as the proud descendants of the Zulu nation. They are also the possessors of a language rich in beauty and musicality. From animal fables to mysterious forces residing in the landscape, this collection demonstrates the wealth and variety of African folk tales and the particular magic of Africa's spiritual roots: a sense of unity with the environment. Simple, surprising, cruel and humorous, these beautifully rendered tales remain as fresh and vital as the original African idiom."
I can't wait to delve into it.

Anyway... it got me thinking about how awesome the covers of Alexander McCall Smith's African books are. They are bold, vibrant and really give a sense of the story within... so it made sense to feature them in my "books with great covers" series.

Apart from "The Girl who married a Lion"... the remaining books should be in chronological order:

I hope you agree they are bold, vibrant and give a sense of the story within?

I'll post some more soon... but for now, enjoy them.


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