Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Loving... the music and the accompanying book for "Allegories" by The Dwindlers

I recently posted a review of the upcoming album "Allegories" by The Dwindlers over on Alternative Matter...

"...the music Dauer presents on this release is simply first class. Bassy jazz soundscapes make up the first three tracks before the listener is given a more ambient instrumental expression to ponder. The last three tracks are more of the upright bass-orientated jazz with a really delicious undercurrent of the ambient sounds… the kind of sounds I hold Dauer in such high regard for. 
I think it is this combination of jazzy vibes and ambient sounds that really help this album come alive for me. The soundscapes presented are vibrant and filled with life… this life comes from the music but it also comes from the imagination expressed in the form of words from “Michelle Seaman”. 
Her spoken word works here because of her eloquent and articulate expression… and the manner in which she presents these words.../"
I was very taken with it... and I would recommend you read the review then head over to Heart and Soul and order a copy.

What I never got to mention in the review is how beautiful the book is that accompanies the music. I have posted the cover above... which features a lovely photo from Benjamin Dauer... and wanted to highlight the artwork that is contained below:

The book features the words from Michelle Seaman's glorious poetry and delightful illustrations of human bones. They are simple but effective... really using the white space of the pages with great effect.

I have to commend Leonardo Rosado for this release... he has masterminded the creation of what is simply an awesome artefact that complements a similarly awesome album. We need more content like this... with the quality ramped up to eleven!

When you see work like this it is very easy to support independent music. This is the way forward. Well done to all involved!


PS: I am hoping to have Dauer and Seaman on the blog soon... answering my wee blog interview. Stay tuned.

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