Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Scanned :: some stamps with interesting designs... part 1

I know this will take me to a whole 'nother level of nerdery but I've kind of fallen in love with stamps. Not just any stamps... but stamps with interesting designs.

I was inspired by this article on Brainpickings (which is a blog that MUST be in your RSS) and spoke to my pal @myopicaardvark about it. Turns out his wife collected stamps a while back... had stopped... and wanted to share her collection with me.

I've had a good look through it... separated the wheat from the chaff, so to speak... and have picked out some really lovely ones. These stamps tend to originate from the 50s onwards predominately from what was the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and the Far East.

My intention is to scan them... share them with you... and then put them in a Moleskine or similar notebook.

I must state I am not collecting stamps... or, should I say, I'm not collecting any old stamp... I am just looking to collect, share and celebrate some stamps with interesting, delightful and lovely designs.



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Myopic Aardvark said...

I'd just like to post a correction there - apparently my wife didn't use to collect stamps, she got given them in a craft swap and couldn't think of anything to do with them, thus the donation to your nerditry.



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