Saturday, February 04, 2012

My review of "Worlds, Afterworlds" by Zero Ohms is now up on Alternative Matter

"/...And excellent it is… a beautiful expression of ambient electronic music. Wonderfully and unashamedly longform… at least in part… and adeptly presented. 
The opening track – “Translation” – is a masterpiece of a pastoral soundscape… it evokes the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere… not the menace of being alone but the quiet but jubilant elation of being one with nature… one with Creation in all her glorious expression. Birds cheap. Planes fly overhead. You, the listener, are immersed in a safe pocket of wonder and awe. Truly beautiful and coming in at just over 28 minutes… an example of how great longform ambient soundscapes can be.../"
Read the rest over at Alternative Matter

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