Friday, February 03, 2012

Three recent reviews...

"To Forget is stunning… a masterpiece of atmospheric expression. Their use of more acoustic instrumentation and percussion to create such a vibrant melancholia is truly inspired… and the pairing of West Thordson and Sonja Larson is simply meant to be."
Alternative Matter

"On this EP, Khan has created four guitar-orientated ambient pieces that are as subtle and delicate as a field of wild flowers and equally exquisite."
The Future Elements

"Overall, I wasn’t disappointed with this compilation… it contains moments of excellence with some superb, predominately post-rock, soundscapes and a considerable amount of good that really bodes well for the future of music from China."
The Future Elements


I am really enjoying reviewing albums for both Alternative Matter and The Future Elements... I've been very fortunate in that what I have been assigned has been, in the most part, really rather good. It's been a great experience so far.


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