Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Classic Albums: "Dark side of the moon" by Pink Floyd

I discovered today's classic album - "Dark side of the moon" by Pink Floyd - a few years back ... I was convalescing after the removal of my gallbladder and I had rented a few bits and pieces from my local Library. These bits and pieces included the album and the film '2001 a space odyssey'. I had time on my hands and I wanted to explore content I had previously ignored.

I was blown away ... on both counts.

The things I love most about "Dark side of the moon" are the variety of sound and the experimentation on offer ... each listen brings something new to me. The use of synths fascinates me ... along with all the added sounds like footsteps, ticking clocks and cash registers. The use of spoken word also excites me.

I also love the continuous nature of the recording ... the way each track blends seamlessly into the next.

What's more ... I really like the cover and think Storm Thorgerson created a simply yet eye-catching masterpiece.

All in ... I love this album and would highly recommend it ... albeit listening to it whilst simultaneously watching 'The Wizard of Oz' is up to you.


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