Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two recent reviews on The Future Elements

"I guess that’s the genius of this album… it contains six tracks that eloquently soundtrack the very best life has to offer. They have an upbeat, almost euphoric quality about them… they serve to lift the mood and feed the soul with their genuine, deep and timeless beauty. There isn’t anything superficial about these tracks… no gimmicks or repeated ’crowd-pleasing’ compromises… they are deeply engrained expressions of the best in this life."

"From the stunning opening chords of “cold front” it is apparent that Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson have created something truly magical. The ambience they create coupled with their signature post-rock stylings really makes for an euphoric and unashamedly triumphant listening experience. They create the most gracious and elegant beauty with their guitars, strings, keys and synths." 

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