Friday, November 02, 2012

I'd run out and buy a Livescribe Sky pen except for ...

I'm still nerding out on Evernote at the moment ... and have been hearing good things about the new Livescribe Sky wifi 'smartpen' ... that works with Evernote.

I really like the idea of a pen that captures my notes and can capture audio too ... I really like that idea.

In fact I'd run out and buy a Livescribe Sky pen right now if it wasn't for one key factor ... the paper I have to write on.

Livescribe have their own paper ... it features coding that works with the pen ... start / stop ... that kind of thing. To use this 'smartpen' I need to use their 'smartpaper'.

This is a deal breaker for me.

Why? Moleskines and Post-it Notes ... that's why.

Or I should be less brandy and say ... notebooks and stickynotes.

I currently have 4 notebooks on the go ... 5 if you count my work notebook. None of them have the Livescribe notation. I would have to scrap them if I wanted to use a Sky pen. That seems wasteful to me.

I like my stationery. I like my Moleskine and Rhodia. The Livescribe paper just isn't as good as them.

I also write on Post-it notes. Notes here. Notes there. It would be really cool to record them and have them in Evernote. Really cool indeed ... but I'm not sure Livescribe have their own proprietary version.

If Lifescribe bring out a pen that works (as in records my writing) on 'ordinary' paper then I'll be interested ... until then I'll continue to write/scribble/draw/annotate/underline with my Bic 4-colours ... snap a pic and then upload to Evernote. Slightly cumbersome ... I'll admit ... but it works with what I've got.

The other option would be for Evernote to facilitate a collaboration between Livescribe and Moleskine ... a three way collaboration ... that resulted in a Moleskine notebook that was truly designed for Evernote ... with notes that could be easily scanned on a smartphone or written using a smartpen ... and uploaded.

I guess I can dream ... and yes, these are the things I dream about ... that and an ambient music festival ... but that's for another day.

C'mon Evernote ... get Moleskine and Livescribe talking.


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