Saturday, November 17, 2012

Loving... "Mint and Marigold EP" by Tundra Vole

Tundra Vole is not a household name but I think he should be. He creates wonderfully effervescent electronic music that always seems to lift my spirits.

He recently released an EP entitled “Mint and Marigold” that is an utter delight to listen to. Upbeat and jaunty ... the five tracks only last 20 minutes but in those 20 minutes they convey so much: so much joy for life ... so much alertness and appreciation for now. They are a triumphant soundtrack to being alive ... an euphoric testimony to overcoming the adversity of everyday ... a celebration to the little things that come together to make our day.

I love Tundra Vole’s particular style of guitar-infused electronic music. I have to resist dancing like a loon whenever my iPhone is on shuffle and one of his tracks comes on. His music is so dense and varied ... so many layers come together to make the track ... which I find fascinating. Guitars ... synths ... complex polyrhythms ... all come together to make this EP very special indeed.

I would heartily recommend it ... especially since Tundra Vole has kindly released “Mint and Marigold” for ’pay what you want’ on Bandcamp. I’ve embedded the player below to let you hear it ... if you like what you hear please don't hesitate to support him. We need more music like this and we need more musicians like Tundra Vole.



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