Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Benjamin Dauer's Save The Pollinators

I love it when gifted folks use their gifts to help bring about change. One such change-maker is Benjamin Dauer ... whose project "Save the Pollinators" has captured my attention.

Dauer is an exceptional ambient musician whose music is a particular favourite of mine. His 2013 release on Twice Removed entitled "The Pace of Which" is simply stunning and will no do be well represented in my end-of-year poll.

With "Save the Pollinators" Dauer has taken his musical talent ... his art ... and sought to use it to highlight the plight of the humble bumble bee and the brown bat.

In the following audioclip, Dauer explains his idea and asks for help:

He wants your help. If you can ... take time to visit his site - - and record a wee message.

His goal is explained on the site:
My goal is to compose an original sound score to accompany your submissions. This collection could stand as a force emphasizing the global impact that these creatures have on our lives. So I would love to hear from you! Please consider contributing your voice, field recordings of bats or bees, interviews with bee keepers or bat experts - the creative possibilities are endless!
Please take the time to lend your voice or your musical talent to this project.


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