Friday, May 24, 2013

Loving... "Reach for the Dead" by Boards of Canada

I love Boards of Canada and have loved them since I heard "Music Has The Right To Children" back in '96. They are one of my favourite electronic duos ... and the fact they are Scottish adds a small modicum of pride too.

That said ... I've tried to avoid the media frenzy of the last wee while: the 12" found on Record Store Day 2013 ... and the announcement that they have a new album coming out in June ... as well as the release of "Reach for the Dead" (above).

Please don't misinterpret what I am saying ... I am trying to avoid the hype so I can come to their music on my terms - I am not trying to avoid BOC.

I listened to "Reach for the Dead" for the first time this morning. I missed it on Zane Lowe's show on Radio1 last night and wanted to hear it before it came on Lauren Levern's show on 6Music this morning.

I love this song. It really sets me up for the album.

I also love that people are really excited for this kind of music ... quirky, off-kilter, glitchy, ambient electronic music ... and I can only hope it will turn folks onto the myriad of musicians that play this kind of music and the labels that support them. It would be a shame if you consider yourself a music fan and *only* have BOC to represent this vibrant and utterly engaging genre (or genres).

What's more ... I really like the video too. It has more lens flare than a J. J. Abrams film ... and looks stunning. It's the kind of video I'd love to make. It has seriously inspired me.



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