Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Second Nature" ... A documentary film about Janne Saario

"Second Nature" A Documentary Film About Janne Saario from ELEMENT SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.

I found this video utterly fascinating and very inspiring when I saw it on thefoxisblack (thank you Alex Dent) and wanted to share it on here.

According to the Element Skateboards Vimeo page...
Second Nature is a 20-minute documentary on Element team rider and budding landscape architect, Janne Saario of Finland. 
The short film allows a glimpse of Saario’s thoughts and dreams, which float between design, art and skateboarding. Though it also reveals the important concurrence of post-industrial areas, sustainable concepts and natural environments, and unfolds the demanding obligation, towards today’s generation and those to come, to create positive and inspiring, local communities. 
Over the past two years, filmer Yves Marchon’s keen eye reels in the various aspects and angles of Janne’s life and creates the perfect portrayal of what Element is most proud of and strives to constantly stand for through their products, artists and team riders: to bring progress to skateboarding in the most honest and ethical way.


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