Tuesday, March 25, 2008

((deep)) -- this Saturday

((deep)) is happening this Saturday (29th March) @ 7pm-ish... with Paul & Jen Clement and the Essential Band aka Particles of Warp.

The guest speaker for this gathering is Ivor Telfer, the current Divisional Commander for the West of Scotland Division. He will help us to focus on the Emmaus Road experience... and on our own journeys in this life.

A prayer space will be provided by Kirsty from the Easterhouse Essential team... it will be available for a time of quiet contemplation during the evening.

Coffee and refreshments will be available throughout the evening too.

Door tax is £3... which will be reinvested into the ((deep)) project.

Big thanks to Adam Howie for the artwork! Please... grab the flyer and pass it around... post it on your blog or myspace page... mention it to all your bebo friends or join the event on Facebook. Spread the word!

Be there:

City Centre Corps
1 Houldsworth Street

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1 comment:

Heather's place said...

How did it go?

Love the artwork.



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