Saturday, March 08, 2008

Some more thoughts on Uniforms... stuff... Rick Warren and the need for Simplicity

A couple of my fav things...

My thanks to Laura for her recent comment... and her observation...
i'm maybe missing or misinterpretting this, but... didn't God USE Moses' staff for his own purposes?

He took what Moses had.. he took his "stuff" ..and he did something with it.
I alluded to this thought near then end of my post...
What we have isn't really ours... we are just stewards of it for a while. We need to use it for God as well as for ourselves...
but I am glad that the point was raised. We have stuff. We are fortunate to have stuff. Therefore, in the spirit of gratitude and humility lets give the stuff back to God by using it for him... just as we use our talents and gifts... our intellect and strength... our life experiences... just as God used Moses staff > we need to let God use our stuff for His purposes.

I use my iBook for blogging... and as part of a gathering... showing movieclips or slides that add to our time together. I play songs on my iPod... songs that bring people closer to God. I also listen to podcasts that build me up. I use my phone as a means of contacting others... and for taking pics that add to this blog.

We need to use everything at our disposal for the glory of God... everything in our hands: our identity... our income... and our influence.

I hope this adds to the conversation? Thanks Laura for your comment.

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Jonathan Blundell said...

they're not quite posted yet - but if you get some time check out the encounter podcast - especially from today (030808)

Whoever wants to save his life (stuff) will lose it, but whoever will give his life (stuff) for My sake and the sake of the Gospel will save it. - Mark 8:35

Might give you another way to look at your stuff and using it for His sake and the Gospel.


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