Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rooibos Tea

I'm with Precious Ramotswe when it comes to rooibos (pronounced Roy-Boss) or Redbush tea. Folks who follow me on Twitter will have noticed me mention it now and again - I think its braw!

Tetley get it straight from the growers based in the Cedarberg Mountains of South Africa... which is kind of like Champagne and Parma Ham. Only proper rooibos tea comes from the Cedarbergs.

I have fallen in love with its unique taste and aroma... with or without milk (note to reader - I take mine with) it is wonderfully refreshing... and down right cheerful! It is, officially, the new Earl Grey.

Check it out - £0.99 for 40 bags. Nice!


Kerry said...

Nice! I like to drink tea when I marathon on Sundays, and I'm entirely out of the apricot kind that I like. I'll have to pick up some rooibos.

Chris H said...

We got some of this in a Bounty pack when Dawn was pregnant - good for expectant and new mothers, apparently.

darrin said...

was introduced to redbush tea through south african families at church.....they gave it to their toddlers (cold)....we followed their advice and all our 3 benefitted from its calming effects....highly recommended (no milk for me grey tastes like soap and is no good for dunking)


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