Sunday, March 09, 2008

My iBook RIP


My trusty iBook has died. Yesterday, while in iTunes I did something to make the beachball appear... after a wee while it became obvious that this was no ordinary beachball but, in fact, the spinning beachball of DEATH. I tried to force quit with no success... so I switched it off [always the last resort]- now it wont turn on. I have tried to reset the power management unit to no avail. It is dead.

I'm not stuck for the 'tinterweb... I have access to Olly's iMac but access will be limited... as this is her machine for her cards and stuff.

Where I am stuck is for the times I use it away from the house... in the hall for S*N*A*C... recording ((deep))... multimedia at Summer School... you get the gist... out and about.

I can't afford a new MacBook without some jiggery-pokery... I don't know anything about Linux and I don't want to buy a Windows PC. So I guess I am stumped.

All this talk of using our stuff for the Lord... there is both irony and purpose in this. Its a shame I can only see the irony just now.

I have lost photos... but am grateful for Flickr. All my bookmarks are on Olly's iMac, which is a blessing and my tunes are on an external hdd. I backed up recently when I moved to Leopard... so I have most of my stuff... but, nontheless, I am gutted with what I have lost.

So anyway... I won't be updating as often as I used to... I won't have access to Facebook, Twitter and email as often... and my ministry (for what it is) will take a decidedly lo-fi approach for a while until I can work this out... or a miracle happens. Please be patient with me.

Mr Jobs... any chance of a freebie?


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel! My trusty y2k iBook SE has gradually declined and is now practically unusable and like you I can't afford another Mac laptop and don't want anything else.

Let's pray that God blesses you with some replacement kit, as I won't be the only one to miss your updates and comms.

Lurch Kimded said...

You have my sympathies the death of a laptop, or any computer for that matter, is a time of sadness...

On a more geeky note:
- I recommend Ubuntu linux, its a breeze to install and the ISO you burn from their website can even boot into a version of itself from the CD so you can give it a go.
- I would think about taking it into the apple store (tear soaked hanky in hand) and see if they can do anything... not a cheap option probably, but it should be cheaper than a new laptop.
- or, try one of these options:
My Mac Wont Start PDF
Resetting the PMU

I hope you're back online fully soon.

darrin said...


we have invested in one of these .....too many kids demanding time on our was a snip at £200 and does all the stuff you might want it to highly portable....and i just really like it....its runs on linux but you don't need to know anything about it really....i don' you are sure to get admiring glances when you whip it out in a coffee shop (at least from people in the know)

weareallghosts said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. Appreciated!

BF said...

what a nightmare. I'd start writing your list for Santa. Get it in early.

Chris H said...

Wow, I really like that eepc!


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