Sunday, March 09, 2008

My iBook RIP


My trusty iBook has died. Yesterday, while in iTunes I did something to make the beachball appear... after a wee while it became obvious that this was no ordinary beachball but, in fact, the spinning beachball of DEATH. I tried to force quit with no success... so I switched it off [always the last resort]- now it wont turn on. I have tried to reset the power management unit to no avail. It is dead.

I'm not stuck for the 'tinterweb... I have access to Olly's iMac but access will be limited... as this is her machine for her cards and stuff.

Where I am stuck is for the times I use it away from the house... in the hall for S*N*A*C... recording ((deep))... multimedia at Summer School... you get the gist... out and about.

I can't afford a new MacBook without some jiggery-pokery... I don't know anything about Linux and I don't want to buy a Windows PC. So I guess I am stumped.

All this talk of using our stuff for the Lord... there is both irony and purpose in this. Its a shame I can only see the irony just now.

I have lost photos... but am grateful for Flickr. All my bookmarks are on Olly's iMac, which is a blessing and my tunes are on an external hdd. I backed up recently when I moved to Leopard... so I have most of my stuff... but, nontheless, I am gutted with what I have lost.

So anyway... I won't be updating as often as I used to... I won't have access to Facebook, Twitter and email as often... and my ministry (for what it is) will take a decidedly lo-fi approach for a while until I can work this out... or a miracle happens. Please be patient with me.

Mr Jobs... any chance of a freebie?
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