Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is cool ::

Found out about on youtube by pure happenstance... and I love it. Don't be put off by the title... it is an internet TV station run that produces some sweet content on China and Chinese youth culture or as they describe it...
SexyBeijing is a show about dating, love and youth culture in the People's Republic of China. Follow the adventures of Sufei as she looks for love on the dusty streets of the big BJ and meets a lot of cool characters along the way.
The supercool host Anna Sophie Loewenberg knows her stuff... and looks fab in an incongruous way as she walks the streets with her mike and funky specs.

Its really enlightening... and well worth checking out... especially considering the Olympics are live and direct from Beijing this year.

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Expert said...

That's pretty cool, there's a huge list of these type of channels that you can probably post about over here Internet TV Listings.

SexyBeijing - bad name, but pretty entertaining content.


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