Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is why I Twitter...

But as I sit here writing this I feel connected to a community of people, feel that we share a space that none of the social network sites can conjure up, a space that is both here and not here, somewhere between offline and online.

Bill Thompson for the BBC.

If you don't twitter... you should. I was able to follow a friend's car crash in the US at the weekend... and find out he was ok (Thank God) in almost real time. I can keep in touch with my buddy JD in Texas, my mate Lard in Florida and my pal Laura in Prestwick. What's more... I can show my "tweets" on the ol' nanolog... and my "tweets" also update automatically my status in Facebook.

Trust me... its huge already... and getting bigger. I am Headphonaught on Twitter - Join me...


darrin said...

ambient intimacy (nice term) innit

see here

Laura Whispering said...

Twitter is so great we were looking at you in class the other day! haha


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