Saturday, March 01, 2008

Link round up :: PSFK

A wee links round up from PSFK ::
  1. Apple To Open Up iPhone Further -- "Apple are to detail a software road map for the iPhone on March 6 that will allow developers to create applications for the iPhone. To date, all applications for the iPhone have been via the web-browser. Now applications will able to run off the phone itself." -- Can't wait for this. Could make or break whether I buy an iPhone in the Fall or not.
  2. Is TED becoming part of the problem? -- Across the street from the 2008 TED conference is BIL - a competing conference with some very interesting values. -- TED is a fab conference... one that although I could never dream of attending ($6,000 per ticket)... it is one that I have access to via the 'tinterweb... but it is still hierarchical and somewhat closed.
  3. Wii Freeloader Breaks Regional Barriers -- Engadget held up this simple DVD you put into your Wii to overcome any regional restictions allowing people to play any game from anywhere in the world -- this is about choice... and people overcoming barriers to choice. Nice.
  4. Underground Farming in Japan -- Inside a former bank vault hidden beneath a high rise building in Tokyo’s Otemachi business district, a square kilometer of subterranean soil has been planted with rice. There are also different rooms for growing tomatoes, lettuces, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables, as well as flowers and herbs. -- I thought this was inspiring.
Read PSFK... its an inspiring read.

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