Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gaither Homecoming


What is the point of having horizons... if you are not prepared to broaden them?

Last Saturday night... Olly took me to the Armadillo to experience a Bill Gaither Homecoming and... at 3 and half hours... it was one of the longest and funnest concerts I have been at in ages.

Olly has posted a fab review on her blog... and I don't want to steal her thunder... other than to say it was a great night.

Guy Penrod

For me the highlight was Guy Penrod -- he was awesome! He is an amazing vocalist, an inspiration and a real hit with the ladies.

His rendition of Why me Lord was just breathtaking... he sang it with such meaning and passion.

I am a fan of the Gaither Vocal Band although I think this is purely to do with Guy's vocals. He has a consistency and passion in his singing that I love.

Don't get me wrong... I don't get all their songs... all that one fine day I'll fly away kind of jars with me... we should be dragged screaming and kicking from this world... rather than leaving eagerly and willingly. Why? because our work is here and now... for the last, lost, least... when we are gone who has their back? Exactly!

Janet Pascal

Coming a close second in the highlight stakes was Janet Paschal who sang a couple of solo songs... and then, later on, sang a stripped down version of Written in Red -- the song Olly covered on the first Bellshill Band CD. Her story of her cancer was heartbreaking... but it was hearing her sing Written in Red that really touched something deep inside. It is such a beautiful song.

All in... it was a great night. Something different. A new horizon broadened. A great experience that I could share with Olly and members of both sides of the family and some old friends too.

Check out my photos here... and check out Olly's post on her blog [give her some encouragement to keep on blogging too]

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