Monday, February 02, 2009

Logos from all 43 Superbowls...

I loved me some Superbowl XLII in Philadelphia last year... and I loved me some Superbowl XLIII from the comfort of my livingroom in Motherwell. Putting all the commentary and excessive minutiae to one side... and leaving out the start/stop/start/stop nature of the play... when it happened, boy did it happen!

I felt so sorry for the Cardinals... but the Steelers were the better team on the day. More disciplined, to be fair, and their 100 yard interception/TD was pure brilliance.

Anyway, check out the pic above from the NY Times that charts the evolution of the Superbowl logo.

I did listen to one wee bit of commentary that spoke of the possibility of playing more games outside the US... I think that would be fab and would be something I would love experience.

Thanks to notcot #18,581 for the heads up re the pic.

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