Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loving me some Yellow Submarine...

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Yellow Submarine on Friday afternoon. It is a film "of its time" but still stands proud and tall as an awesome, if somewhat surreal, piece of animation.

Here's a wee taster... enjoy!


Gurdonark said...

Yellow Submarine is such a great film. I rented it with a nice and nephew a year or three ago and just enjoyed drifting into its world again.

When I was a pre-teen,we played "Yellow Submarine" the song on the roller rink juke box and skated the rink round and round and round lifting and dropping the skates to "we all live in a....".

weareallghosts said...

What a lovely story... Intend to introduce the film to my we'ans. Dayna watched a wee bit of it and loved it.

Mary and Bob said...

Yellow Submarine is amazing!


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