Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loving me some... Bag Of Nothingness

Every so often something comes along and knocks me off my feet... in doing so it challenges what I have held up as true and makes me reassess my views.

The Error Broadcast compilation Bag of Nothingness has done just that. You see... I always thought I wasn't a big fan of hip hop... but then I listened to this compilation and it reminded me of all the good things that hip hop has to offer, especially the leftfield... experimental... abstract... styles that push boundaries with their creativity.

Listening to this album reminded me of the early days of Mo' Wax... listening to Shadow... Krush... the first Headz compilation... Attica Blues... etc etc. Back when hip hop was, for me, vital.

Thats when I realised it wasn't the music... I love me some big, chunky beats... it was the inane rapping that turned me off. All that "money 'n' hos" mentality that switched me off... and in doing so blinded me to all that is good, authentic and vibrant in the genre.

This is a great compilation of bass-heavy beat-centric kind of abstract instrumental hip hop that truly wonderful. Music that deserves its place on my iPhone. Music that will keep my head nodding for a long time to come. Some people may say "dubstep" is the sound of bass just now... if they do, they haven't heard this compilation.

Whats more... the compilation is a free download... released under a Creative Commons license... and features musicians/producers from throughout the world. Truly a global effort!
Artists from the US, Russia, Japan, Germany and a lot more joined the Error Broadcast Collective. The compilation is online for free download, so please support our artists and ourselves by saving the record to your players and spreading the word. Watch this place!
Check it out!

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