Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thank You!! (36/365)

Thank You!! (36/365), originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

I got an invite to a wedding today.

It is so sweet. I am touched.

It reads...
In the City of Memphis
just blocks from the
Mississippi River

Kerry Elizabeth Crawford
Matthew Brant Trisler

will pledge commitment to one another
before the people who have filled their lives
with happiness, love and laughter.
It touches me so much that Olly and I have been included in the list of people who have filled the lives of Kerry and Matthew with happiness, love and laughter.

Its kind of crazy but yet "so now" to consider I met Matthew and Kerry when I asked to use a Flickr pic of Matthew's (a Playmobile Nativity Scene) for a flyer. We connected and just clicked... watching each other's lives happen through Facebook, blogs and of course Twitter. I remember the worry when, in near real time, I watched my twitter feed helpless for news of Matthew's wellbeing after he crashed his car on the long road to see Kerry. He was alright and twitter jumped leaps and bounds in my estimation of a brilliant "thing" on the net.

Both Olly and I are blessed to count Matthew and Kerry friends... albeit... we've never met... yet.

This is the point where the "however" kicks in. We'd love to go... I'd even go on my own if I could... but, the way things are, we can't afford the flights to Memphis from Glasgow.

I know that we will meet with Kerry and Matthew sometime soon. Now just isn't the right time for us.

That is unless someone knows a millionaire philathropist... someone with excess Air Miles... or a film crew looking for a sweet "web2.0" story and are willing to pay expenses???

I am so happy that we have received this invite... and gutted we can't go.

Sorry guys.... Tx

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Kerry said...

Aw, Thomas!

We're honored that you would even consider flying the hundreds of miles to hang out with people you've never really met.

I totally understand about the travel. We're going on a honeymoon, thanks to generosity (and frequent flier miles) of my parents.

Hopefully, one day, we'll be able to make it to Scotland. I've always wanted to go, as it's where my family is originally from.

So thank you, Thomas and Olly, for being friends and for even considering the trip. Y'all are the coolest.

And who knows, maybe there is a wealthy web2.0 benefactor out there somewhere.


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