Sunday, February 01, 2009

The story of the roadsign...

Wishaw ->, originally uploaded by COLIИ.

The pic above happened when one of my Flickr buddies saw one of my Project365 pics. He lives in the Netherlands now... he moved there from Wishaw (a small town near where I live in Motherwell).

He asked if I could provide him with a better resolution pic... he wanted it as a wallpaper to remind himself of Wishaw... and I was, unfortunately, unable to assist him. I had taken the pic on my iPhone... filtered it using Camerabag... and deleted the original.

Yesterday... as we drove to Lanark Loch... Olly took the Wishaw road (its not as bumpy for the dog... and me) and I grabbed the chance to snap another pic for my pal.

Its not my intention to recount this story to big myself up. Its more about helping out. Seeing an opportunity and making it happen. Its all part of the give-and-take of participation. We are all interconnected... and a key part of this interconnectedness is participation.

I believe its better to create than to destroy... to build up rather than rip down... to give without the expectation of receipt or reward.

As for me... and this wee story... I'm just glad I could have helped... and that gladness is all the reward I need.

Think about it...

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