Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maybe if we worked harder on our own lives...

/..Why does the Evangelical community seem so preoccupied with pointing out what they perceive to be the sins of others? Why this commitment to the role of morality police, lambasting everyone with their narrow interpretations of Scripture? It seems their selective view of holiness is far more important than how we actually treat our fellow human beings. Maybe if we worked harder on our own lives, focused on how we are treating others, a more holistic holiness could finally exude from our lives../
SEX-CRAZED: America’s Christian Subculture by Adele Sakler

Adele is a dear friend of mine and I was proud to read her first piece in the ooze. It will be a challenging piece for some people... but one that challenges in right ways. Check it out and join the discussion over there.


Angus Mathie said...

Agreed with Adele's point in your blog item and have subscribed for newsletter.

Existential Punk said...

ks, Thomas! You are such a blessing to me!



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