Saturday, August 22, 2009

Edwin does not fart... apparently

I picked up a new iPhone photography app called Edwin because I want to expand the range of "looks" my pics have (taking onboard the criticism on my iPhoneography showcase)... and I have to say I am impressed so far.

Here's a pic I took with the app earlier today ::

Olly reading "Midnight Sun" on her iPhone

I love Olly... she's my muse :-)

Anyway... I am loving this app. It has various frames for pics (like "photo" above or "instant") and various photo filters (such as "lomo" or "holga") that combine help to enhance the pics you take.

It does have an annoying UI that involves shaking your iPhone to develop the pic... which some may find fun but I'm starting to tire of it. That said... its a small annoyance_ all in.

I look forward to sharing more pics taken using the app on my Flickr... but I have to say... I'm loving to combo of "photo" and "holga" ::

Pavilion's steps

If you want to know why Edwin doesn't fart... or, for that matter, why they've called their app "Edwin"... go here.

Well worth checking out... if you have an iPhone.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man, what are your favorite iPhone photo apps? And can you put them all in one place (i.e. on one post)? Thanks! :)


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