Monday, August 03, 2009

Mini Tunnocks Wafers

I am so stoked! Just spent a couple of hours in the company of Boyd Tunnock & Annabel Goldie.
As part of the Summer School curriculum, Jon & Lorna organised an optional discussion group called "Interview with a Christian" and the first group included Boyd (the big chief at Tunnocks), Annabel (Member of the Scottish Parliament & Leader of the Conservatives in Scotland), and Ellen Watt (a staff nurse at Stobhill Hospital).
All three individuals were thoroughly engaging, spirited & animated... recounting their personal experiences in connection with their own journeys in faith.
Afterwards... we entertained Boyd, Annabel & Jim Hamilton (Boyd's friend & retired owner of Hamilton's Dairies)... and Boyd introduced us to his latest product: a tub of MINI caramel wafers (pictured above).
They are absolutely brilliant! A small wafer covered in chocolate. In fact, the chocolate percentage is 50% instead of the normal 33% for wafers... which makes them so moorish & delightful.
A brilliant product from a brilliant man.
Today has been a great day!
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darrin said...

Tunnocks as Scottish as Haggis...d'oh


Angus Mathie said...

Glad you are being blessed during this week. It would have been good to hear your guests - didn't know Annabel was a hang 'em and flog 'em Christian. Hope all goes well this evening and the camp will be a real spiritual uplift to all.


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