Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm featured on iPhoneography... is a fab blog about taking pictures with the iPhone - it features strong editorials on the myriad of camera/picture apps out there & also showcases folks who take pics with their iPhones. I'm totally stoked because yesterday I was showcased. I did put myself up for it_ nothing ventured, nothing gained_ but didn't think they'd pick me... probably due to the quality of pics on showcased so far.

This kind of puts me "out there" and opens me up for criticism... as I type the post has received 2 comments_ 1 positive and 1 critical. I'm going to take the critical one onboard... with a pinch of salt and a cheeky smile. As for the positive one... well I guess I'll need a bigger door frame to allow my now gargantuan heid to pass freely through.

Totally elated..! I now need to build on this. Move forward.

Check out the feature @

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