Monday, August 10, 2009

First set of photos from my Holga 135 & Wide Pic

On Argyle Street

This is one of the 16 pics from my first spool in my Holga 135. To be honest I am a wee bit disappointed. Not with the pics I have but with the fact I only got 16 from a 36 frame film... I am also unsure why I never got the "lomo" vibe from some of them - they seem normal, if that makes sense? I would have liked to have seen all 36... I wonder if the lassie in ASDA has made a judgement call on the remainder and binned some because she didn't "get" them. Either that or I was rubbish!

The remaining Holga pics are available here.

GoMA_ 01

This, on the other hand, is one of the 14 pics from my first spool in my "Wide Pic" camera. The pics look fab in Flickr but got all cropped in ASDA... losing the effect.

The remaining "Wide Pic" photos are available here.


Laura Whispering said...

i don't think i've everrr had an entire film developed yet. The supermarkets seem to just not bother if they're too dark or something.

Stewart said...

top tip... get your photos developed by a proper developer, not Asda who will have a massive choice of 'small, medium or large prints Sir?' and no idea what anything other than a point and press camera is.


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