Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sounds good_ Kari Jobe

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I'm not the hugest fan of "Christian" music... I find it too easy to generalize and way too bland for my taste. I prefer musicians who have lived who also happen to be Christians... if you get what I mean?!

That said... there have been a number of bands and singers who stand out for me with "Christian" music: Keith Green, Iona, Rita Springer, Brooke Fraser, So Elated, and the mighty Singing Company. They are excellent in and of themselves... and whilst their music is worship or contemplative or inspirational or whatever... it also stands out as strong, well written and stirring.

I can now add Kari Jobe to this list. Olly turned me onto her last night and I have, so far, listened to her album three times today. Her voice... her lyrics... and the instrumentation on the album are just so right now for me. Its more muted, low key and subtle. It is still overtly Christian but done very well... there are no "Jesus is my boyfriend" type songs, for example.

Acoustic guitars... piano... well intentioned drums... wrap together with the odd celo or pipe... and Kari's delicate voice work to create a "less is more" ambience.

Stand out tracks include beautiful, my beloved, and revelation song... in what is an excellent album. Well worth your attention.

If you are on Spotify... here's a link to the album :: :: check it out and spread the word.

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