Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fave tunes :: "Pet Sounds" :: Beach Boys

Music for me is a journey... one that runs from the unknown to the known... the unfamiliar to the familiar.
I hear about something... a new band or a new album... I check it out & in doind so... start the journey.
I believe it's important to have a healthy balance of albums at various stages in this journey. It's just as important to discover new music as it is to cherish your "classics".
Pet Sounds is a classic for me. It is a sonic blanket of comfort & familiarity. When I am down or anxious (as I am now) it picks me up & reassures me that "as long as there are stars above me" I'll be ok.
Thing is... for me... this album can't be surpassed for one reason... it doesn't feel stale. It is fresh & new... albeit familiar... on every listen. It's like someone sparying the new car smell into the same car each day. Same car... just feels new.
Sonically, it is awesome... uniquely varied & dense... with clever orchestration & vocal harmonies that are wonderfully rich & vibrant. There are some weird instrumentation in the mix that blends superbly with the more usual guitars, keys & drums... I particularly like the bicycle horn & the basoon (I think)... they add flavour to the sound.
If you don't own this album... then you should. It is worthy of it's classic status, imho at least.
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