Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer School '09_ Going well so far

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I'm pleased to say things are going well so far at Summer School. No fatalities is always a plus... especially when I haven't committed any of them.

I've been round the practices... I'm documenting the camp with my Nikon D60 for a slideshow on the Saturday festival... and I'm pleased to say everyone is participating. The bands are sounding fab... especially Andrew Irvine on his Telecaster as part of the C Band... and the drama kids look engaged.

Yesterday we had a visit from a team from alove... the Salvation Army's youth... and their contribution was powerfully in_your_face with regards to HIV/AIDS, prayer and being a disciple.

Tom & Tory... planters from Shetland... spoke on prayer. They used the analogy of the beach and suggested you could be one of for types of people when it comes to prayer:

1) A sunbather - someone who basks in the presence of God and soaks up his Light.
2) A surfer - someone who is active in his or her prayer life and can't sit still... preferring, instead, to pray through creative activity.
3) An ice-cream seller - similar to the surfer but with the focus on caring. Someone who responds best to prayer requests and is prepared to not only pray but do something to make best the situation.
4) A snorkeler - Someone who is prepared to dive into something and examine it to some depth.

Good analogies.

In the second session... Graeme Hodge (a former billet & ongoing facebook friend) spoke on HIV/AIDS and sought to raise awareness amongst the group gathered to the real and ongoing threat... He inspired the group to think further on the subject and act in whatever way they can to raise awareness.

Prior to the evening session... I got some time to speak with Matt White (a new friend) & Matt Leader (a facebook friend, now met). Its just a beautiful thing to connect with likeminded people... people who see church in the same way.

In the evening session... Matt White got everyone to blow up balloons depending on the amount of time the various things took up in our lives... things like family, work, church, study, prayer etc... and then tried to fit them into our empty cases that we brought. The idea was to consider the importance of these things in our lives.

Matt Leader then led some worship... followed by a very direct and powerful thought from Matt White... who is wonderfully unique and very funny "on stage". He should be a TV presenter and... ironically... thats what he is working towards being.

The crux of his thought was on discipleship and being serious about following Jesus. He struck a chord with a number of kids when he said... along the lines of... don't call yourself a Christian if you are not prepared to live as a Christian. Don't bring the name of Jesus and your fellow Christians down. Controversial to some... that required some unpacking later in cells.

So yeah... its going well so far.

That said... I'm missing my Olly and my we'ans to bits.



caldjr said...

glad its all going well pal. look fwd to seeing the pics on saturday. Missing C-A loads and would love to be there on staff but hey ho. Praying for you all. Keep safe and be blessed. See you all Wednesday night :)

Anonymous said...

Challenging and thought-provoking: from what should be a comfortable office chair at home now seems uncomfortable bringing me out of my space to live this stuff out.

Praying for you all.

Blessings, Matthew (Peterhead).

Johnny said...

Sounds good. Particulary encouraging to read about justice & discipleship, which sometimes get relegated to way down the list during weeks such as this.


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