Sunday, December 06, 2009

8 books = £2.50

Now that's a bargain... but only if I read them. If I don't read them then I am either stopping them being read and loved by someone else... or saving them from being recycled.

Maybe I should line my walls with books... and use this extra insulation to allow me to reduce my heating?

I mean... its like looking at the bottom of iTunes and seeing how many DAYS of music I have accumulated. Will I ever be able to listen to all that music?

In such a manner... will I ever be able to read all the books I have... especially considering the speed I read. I can TYPE faster than I read... and I didn't learn to type in High School.

Where wil this lead? Accumulation of stuff is accumulation of stuff even if its stuff from a charity shop.

Why do I need to surround myself with stuff?

If I stopped... what would I start? Where would/could/should my obsessive compulsive nature take me?

Ahh... the things I ponder in the Witching Hour.


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