Sunday, December 06, 2009

8 books = £2.50

Now that's a bargain... but only if I read them. If I don't read them then I am either stopping them being read and loved by someone else... or saving them from being recycled.

Maybe I should line my walls with books... and use this extra insulation to allow me to reduce my heating?

I mean... its like looking at the bottom of iTunes and seeing how many DAYS of music I have accumulated. Will I ever be able to listen to all that music?

In such a manner... will I ever be able to read all the books I have... especially considering the speed I read. I can TYPE faster than I read... and I didn't learn to type in High School.

Where wil this lead? Accumulation of stuff is accumulation of stuff even if its stuff from a charity shop.

Why do I need to surround myself with stuff?

If I stopped... what would I start? Where would/could/should my obsessive compulsive nature take me?

Ahh... the things I ponder in the Witching Hour.



Angus Mathie said...

At least you ponder them Thomas.

Anonymous said...

After years of not accumulating stuff, I find myself doing it too - especially with books.

I think there is something about the books on your bookcase defining you.

I've noticed recently that I've been snapping up second hand books that I've read already and probably won't read again just because I want them to say something about me from their dusty shelves.

Have you got to the stage of accumulating different versions of the same book just to have different covers?

weareallghosts said...

Thanks Dad... and thanks Matt for the comment... I've found myself especially obsessive about MacLain Smith & Tolkien. I think I have 3 versions of the Hobbit.

I think the point you make of the books "saying something" of me... I think that's a good percentage of it. I have always respected folks who were "well read"... and would love to be one too.



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