Friday, December 04, 2009

St Peter's Brewery

Jimmy’s sanctuary was empty this night. Just the way he liked it.

“Not enjoying the carnival tonight Jimmy?” asked a familiar voice.

Jimmy squinted his eyes as he looked across the dark room to see a tall dark figure silhouetted by the lights flickering through the old stained glass windows.

“Not tonight Pete,” Jimmy replied. “I’d rather keep to my routine.”

Jimmy walked past several tables and chairs and made his way to the bar that had been built along one side of the old Presbyterian sanctuary. While Jimmy had heard others express their discomfort about a bar and brewery in this former “house of God,” he was always comforted by the glowing neon sign that hung on the far side of the room, “St. Peter’s Brewery — a Sanctuary for All.”
St Peter's Brewery

My boy Jonathan "JD" Blundell has just published a book... and I think its awesome.

I had the opportunity to proofread it... and I found it an engaging read. JD's style of writing is very descriptive... and I like that. Put it this way... I nearly fell off the wagon at the thought of the Pumpkin Stout on tap. His characters in this book have a humanity about them that enthrals me... I want to hang with Jimmy and the motley band that frequent St Peter's Brewery.

I had the privilege of interviewing JD for the something beautiful podcast along with Stewart Cutler... which is kind of ironic considering its JD's podcast too. We had a right laugh... doing a three-way via Skype... but we managed the odd semi-articulate question. Please check it out and share with the giggles.

For far more articulate and thoughtful questions (and answers to be honest... JD was having a laugh too) go visit Johnny Laird's blog... JL has interviewed JD via email.

Anyway... please check out JD's book. I would strongly recommend you get a copy for all your friends.


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Jonathan Blundell said...

thanks for the plug and review!

i appreciate you and all you do... regardless of if you plug my book or not.

I raise a pint of Pumpkin Port to you and yours!

Pax Christi!


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