Monday, December 28, 2009

An exercise in gratitude #2 :: an Elvish love ring

Exercise in gratitude_ 002 :: Elvish love ring

Olly gave me this ring... I've been needing a decent wedding band since my fingers got too fat for my original ring. We saw this ring in Wales and I fell in love with it... Tolkien geek that I am. It is inscribed in Elvish... which is translated as:
"One ring to show our love
One ring to bind us
One ring to seal our love
And forever to entwine us"
I was over-the-moon when I received it as a gift this Christmas. I think its beautiful and I will cherish it forever. Thanks honey!

In a bizarre twist of coincidence... I bought Olly a matching necklace... with the same inscription. I guess that makes us both Tolkien geeks :-) I believe Olly is as chuffed as I am.

For me... value is imparted through the meaning of a gift. This ring is now "precious" because it was given to me with love from "my precious" Olly. It is the thought of the giver and the significance of said giver that make something truly invaluable to me. I don't need fancy labels or expensive whatevers... I just need gifts with meaning... and this is one of those.


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