Sunday, December 13, 2009

Taking photos this weekend...

121209_ Carol Service_ 019

On Saturday evening... I was asked to take some photos at the West of Scotland Salvation Army's Annual Carol Service. I found the experience terrifying, if I am honest, because there was an expectation on me to deliver professional pics.

I'm not a professional. I am a keen amateur who is only a novice... and is trying to learn all that I can. I didn't do my best - I wasn't allowed to use my tripod for "health and safety reasons"... so I was left trying to hold my Nikon & my dad's Canon. I found myself a nice wee spot and took the majority of photos from there. This is why they have a similar look/feel.

To make matters worse... the lighting was awful and I had wrongly set my camera to 2 stops over exposed. Ooops!

That said... I did get 40 or so that were passable. You can view them here.

131209_ Bellshill Carol Service_ 016.1

This evening... I was free to take some pics at the Bellshill Community Carol Service in which our sections took part.

I have to admit... I prefer these pics. I like to get close to the action and think they are more natural as a result. I also find shooting with my Nikon easier than shooting with my dad's Canon... albeit... I do love my dad's Canon. I think its just a case of me being used to my Nikon.

You can view the full set here.

I love taking photos... and am dedicated in this journey. I want all the practice I can get and am grateful to the folks who gave me the OK to get snap-happy. I think one thing that helps is that I share my photos. I have a non-commercial share creative commons license on them... and actively share the link to the set. I don't make any money off them... so might as well share them with my community. Afterall, without them I wouldn't get the chance to shoot and wouldn't have so many good subjects.

That's me. I hope you like the photos. Please leave a comment either here or on Flickr - your comments encourage & inspire me... and help me find my niche.


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Angus Mathie said...

Yes, I like your photos - both sets! Thanks for the access as I regularly download from your sets.


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