Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A sad day

221209_ Last days of Borders_ 01

Today was a sad day. Today saw Borders on Buchanan Street close. Whilst I mourn the loss of the shop that I got all my magazines from... and a ton of music when the sale was just right... what I am traumatised about is the loss of my third space.

The Starbucks in Borders had become a sacred middle ground for me. It was a place where friendships were formed and developed... where podcasts were recorded and books read... where dreams were dreamt and then coaxed into existence. It was my special place.

I never got a chance to say goodbye to the Starbucks in the Borders in the Fort. It was a similar space. I did, however, get a chance to say "cheerio" to the one on Buchanan.

I thanked the Baristas... and was given a used venti mug as a keepsake. I would have taken "my chair" if I could have too.

I then had a fab conversation with my colleague Steven... our friendship being one of those developed in this hallowed environment.

I know no one has died... and all the Baristas have other jobs to go to... but still... it is a sad day for me.

I need to find my new space... and that's going to be harder than you would think.

Anyway... in the meantime... here are some pics :: link.


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