Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An exercise in gratitude #3 & #4 :: Crumpler Muffintop 7500 & Recycled Camerastrap

Exercise in gratitude :: Crumpler Muffintop 7500_ 001

My folks kindly gave me a Crumpler Muffintop 7500 camerabag as their Christmas gift to me. Its a fab bag... the construction of which is first class with a real attention to detail.

Exercise in gratitude :: Crumpler Muffintop 7500_ 002

The bag has a main compartment for your kit and a small pocket at the front for personal items. I am able to fit two SLRs (my Nikon D60 & my dad's Canon 350D) along with two compact cameras (my Olympus [mju] zoom & my Minolta P's), a couple of rolls of film and my memory card reader in the main compartment ... with my wallet & Moleskine notebook residing in the pocket at the front.

Exercise in gratitude :: Crumpler Muffintop 7500_ 003 (363/365)

Let me stress... this is a camerabag. It doesn't hold all the stuff I carry in my "man bag" and isn't... as such... a replacement for my Manhattan Portage DJ bag.

What it does... it does very well - my kit is well protected from bumps, scratches and the weather... I am very pleased with it because it works with my kind of photography - landscapes & street.

Exercise in gratitude_ 004 :: Souldier Recycled Seatbelt Camerastrap from Photojojo

In addition... I am grateful to Olly for buying me another recycled seatbelt camerastrap from "Souldier" at photojojo - these straps are the awesomeness... beautiful, eyecatching and powerfully strong... kind of like Olly herself.

I got one for my Nikon... and I wanted another one. I hate the corporate straps and like something a wee bit more subtle... if you can call bright green or maroon subtle.

I have it on my dad's Canon 350D at the moment... but will swap it over to my Canon 500N when I finally give the 350D back to my dad.

Thanks to my folks and to Olly... for encouraging my obsession.


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