Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An exercise in gratitude #3 & #4 :: Crumpler Muffintop 7500 & Recycled Camerastrap

Exercise in gratitude :: Crumpler Muffintop 7500_ 001

My folks kindly gave me a Crumpler Muffintop 7500 camerabag as their Christmas gift to me. Its a fab bag... the construction of which is first class with a real attention to detail.

Exercise in gratitude :: Crumpler Muffintop 7500_ 002

The bag has a main compartment for your kit and a small pocket at the front for personal items. I am able to fit two SLRs (my Nikon D60 & my dad's Canon 350D) along with two compact cameras (my Olympus [mju] zoom & my Minolta P's), a couple of rolls of film and my memory card reader in the main compartment ... with my wallet & Moleskine notebook residing in the pocket at the front.

Exercise in gratitude :: Crumpler Muffintop 7500_ 003 (363/365)

Let me stress... this is a camerabag. It doesn't hold all the stuff I carry in my "man bag" and isn't... as such... a replacement for my Manhattan Portage DJ bag.

What it does... it does very well - my kit is well protected from bumps, scratches and the weather... I am very pleased with it because it works with my kind of photography - landscapes & street.

Exercise in gratitude_ 004 :: Souldier Recycled Seatbelt Camerastrap from Photojojo

In addition... I am grateful to Olly for buying me another recycled seatbelt camerastrap from "Souldier" at photojojo - these straps are the awesomeness... beautiful, eyecatching and powerfully strong... kind of like Olly herself.

I got one for my Nikon... and I wanted another one. I hate the corporate straps and like something a wee bit more subtle... if you can call bright green or maroon subtle.

I have it on my dad's Canon 350D at the moment... but will swap it over to my Canon 500N when I finally give the 350D back to my dad.

Thanks to my folks and to Olly... for encouraging my obsession.


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Angus Mathie said...

Thomas, can I suggest that you substitute the word/s passion/ passionate for obsession/ obsessed?

In my opinion there is nothing wrong in being passionate about a healthy hobby such as photography. It brings such pleasure to everyone and often lets us "see" things that we have missed.

Misdirected passion and obsession is quite obviously wrong and time and effort have to be managed but give me an individual who gets fired up about something that is important to her/ him any day! Where, for example, are the passionate Christians, politicians, etc?


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