Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is way cool :: Hipstamatic

I have nearly 3 full pages on my iPhone of photo apps... and wasn't really looking for another one. That is until I saw Hipstamatic and was bowled over.

The app provides a number of choices to create the perfect lo-fi photo.

First off... you can choose the lens you want to use. The app itself comes with two lenses - the "John S" and the "Jimmy". If you buy the "Williamsburg" add-on then you get the "Helga Viking" lens (which is my current fave) and the "Lucifer VI" lens is available if you buy the "Portland" add-on. The lenses offer different vibes... very much in the toycamera aesthetic.

Next up... you can choose the film you want to use. "Ina's 1969" and "Kodot Verichrome" (my current fave) come as standard and recreate their respective films nicely. With "Portland" comes the "Blackeys b+w" film and the raw "Pistil" film comes with the "Williamsburg" pack.

You can then choose a flash, if you need one - The "Standard" comes as standard with "Cadet Blue", "Redeye" and "Laser Lemon" gel flashes included in the "Williamsburg" pack.

Once you are ready to take the pic... you basically point and click. The viewfinder isn't ideal... so it takes a wee bit of getting used to... but once you do its all systems go. It shows you, via a series of lights, the progress of "developing" the pic which is a nice touch. That said... this is where I have noticed a few crashes.

131209_ Hipstamatic_ Contrast

I am very impressed with this app... and have gotten very snap-happy over the last few days. Go here to see a wee set of the pics I have taken with it to date.

The developers need to work on the app's stability... but otherwise, its a fab app. I love the User Interface and look forward to new add-ons. Well recommended if you have an iPhone and love taking lo-fi pics.

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