Monday, May 09, 2011

Five from bandcamp #9 (for Music Monday)

First up... we have my dear friend Drew's latest album :: the future beyond our eyes :: which is an interesting slice of electronic ambience that reminds me, in part, of the driving dissonance of Bitches Brew and the drones of Music has the right to children.

Its a real grower that isn't necessarily instantly accessible. But then... it deserves a couple of repeated listens to get - the skittering beats, for example, come in and out of space and time... and the drones seem, at times, endless... but, with time and patience, these synergies become apparent and their contradictions become cherished... and the listener is rewarded with something beautiful... like the first rays of sunshine... and the sweet refrains of the dawn chorus.

Pay what you want.

In keeping with the dissonant theme is the second album from another dear friend :: 62204 by Artificial Sun Project :: which brings to mind the awesomeness that is Aphex Twin.

The beats are thick and the synths are strong on this album... which shows great progress and promise-fulfilled. What's more... the sonic soundscapes, samples and overall electronic ambience are both deafeningly dissonant and wonderfully creative... giving me a real yearning to experience this album played live.

Underneath the soundscapes... there are really strong and catchy melodies. And it is these melodies that elevate this album into the important category.

Pay what you want.

Back to more languid shores with Cast of the Moon by nemean lion (from Future Recordings). Their post-rock soundscapes make for a wonderous listening experience... with pianos and guitars providing the bedrock of their sound... and a faithful appreciation for ambient drones adding a richness to their wall-of-sound. Lovely!

Pay what you want.

Everything resembles you by the eternal twilight is simply breathtaking. It is everything I adore about post-rock... elegant drones underpinning a mournful guitar... found sounds from the natural world... melodious piano and immersive drumming... ethereal vocals and metallic guitars... wow! This is one awesome album. Well recommended.

Pay what you want,

Lastly... for now... we have the wonderfully titled monod kinetics from the equally wonderfully titled my cats a stargazer... with a collection of truly beautiful ambient soundscapes. Their sound is infused with the most exquisite drones, elegant piano refrains and gracious vocals... along with rhythmic guitars and melodious synths... which makes the experience of listening to the album a lasting moment of euphoric joy.

Pay what you want.

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