Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loving... "Haiku" by Earlyguard

sweet cherry blossoms
faintly whispered with my love
the kiss of the wind
When I heard Tom Frühwacht aka earlyguard had a new release imminent... I asked for a listen. I love his work and wanted to do my bit to promote his music. I was not disappointed when I was kindly given a preview copy.

What he has brought together is truly splendid: one single hour-long soundscape... with vivid artwork that is enhanced with his haiku poetry.

The music is engaging. From the start, the listener is drawn in and immersed in a gloriously warm electronic drone that is light, airy and delicate... like the petals of the cherry blossom described above.

Listening to "Haiku" in some small way provides time out from the busyness and disruptive nature of modern life... it provides an escape... a moment of other-worldliness... a period of tranquility. It is an ambience that I find meditative, sacred... and profoundly beautiful.

This feeling is enhanced by the booklet that accompanies the release. It brings together Earlyguard's visually-engaging Hipstamatic imagery with his expressive haiku poetry... to make something uniquely memorable and valuable... something more than the sum of its parts.

If you like ambient electronic soundscapes then this is one release that I can and will recommend... it is a truly wonderful piece of ambience.

"Haiku" will be released for free download on bandcamp on the first of June 2011.


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