Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loving... "Migratory Patterns" by Lowercase Noises

Transfixed. Not like the rabbit staring impending doom in the face... but more being in the presence of someone or something so beautiful that you can't take your eyes of him/her/it.

I am transfixed. I can not quite explain the amazement I feel every time I hear something new from Andy Othling aka Lowercase Noises.

I recently raved on about the track he used on the "hope for Japan" compilation. This track, "migratory patterns", is on this EP and is, in fact, the song that gives the EP it's name. It is a fab taster for the other four tracks on it.

"Song for no one" is an achingly beautiful slice of sustained guitar and synth elegance. Languid. Not rushed. Graceful.

"Persistence" opens with the comforting familiarity of Andy's guitar playing... before a beat is added to the growing layers of sustained guitar. The beat breaks and grows... becoming more glitchy & less organic... it skitters across the soundscape building with intensity and significance as the track introduces the haunting elegance of the cello.

This sound was recently described as post-classic, which I believe to be apt, because music this glorious needs new words to describe it. Post-rock is no longer sufficient.

"Depths" follows in a similar vein... opening with the melancholic beauty of the cello... then subtle sounds appear... echoes of what has just been... building the wall of sound that grows in intensity with the addition of layers of sustained guitar. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

From "depths" we move to "migratory patterns" which is similarly elegant but more post-rock based... with layers of signature sustained guitar, the twinkling of keys, and the restrained jangling of the banjo. I love the banjo... but I love it like I love Louisiana Hot Sauce... not too much in one go. Andy's approach gets it just right for me - vibrant but not too much that it overpowers.

Add to this Andy's vocals... that are endearing & insistent... telling the listener to "hold on". It makes for a truly magical experience.

Lastly, we have "farewell" that has more banjo & acoustic guitar... underpinned by some subtle sustained guitar. This piece is driven by a guitar melody that is wonderfully vibrant and uplifting... that evolves into delayed and sustained ambience at the end.

And there it does in deed end... with a fond farewell and a warm embrace. Until the next time.

I love the music of Lowercase Noises and welcome every release with fevered anticipation. I have yet to be let down. There is nothing quite like Andy's work... and I would strongly recommend it.

Truly beautiful. I am transfixed.

Lowercase Noises on Bamdcamp


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