Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For my morning commute... "destroyed" by Moby


I bought "destroyed" by Moby in Fopp on Sunday. I paid extra for the packaging with a wee book of his fab pics. I wasn't disappointed.

I'll talk about his photos later... for now I want to focus on the music.

Moby has travelled in various musical directions over his career... creating, as he went, some true masterpieces. "Destroyed" feels like a microcosm of this journey... with a true variety of sounds & styles blending together to make an interestingly cohesive whole. In a way like an expertly crafted mixtape.

There are a few tracks that stand out: "the day", "Victoria Lucas" and "after" have grabbed my attention... so far... but the majority of the album works as a whole. I guess this is why Moby asks his listeners, in the liner notes, to listen to "destroyed" all the way through... at least once.

I have a feeling "destroyed" will be an album for this summer. Whilst it was created late at night for late at night... it feels like the kind of album that will soundtrack my summer. I think music works best when it is recontextualised to the listener and his/her environment.

My only criticism, so far, is Moby's healthy use of vocoders. I'm not a fan of them... ever since the second Air album.

That said "destroyed" is a pleasure from start to finish for me... even with these vocoders... a should be viewed/enjoyed as a whole entity rather than a pick and mix of tracks.


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