Saturday, February 22, 2014

99% INVISIBLE Kickstarter goodies

99% INVISIBLE is my favourite design-orientated podcast ... a podcast that I love so much that I backed it's latest series via Kickstarter.

My reward for this backing ... other than the feeling of goodwill I get whenever Roman Mars thanks his backers on the show ... was these two pocket cahier notebooks.

This one - "Heyoon" - was my instant favourite, reminding me of one of my favourite episodes - #83 HEYOON.
"Once over the fence, a path behind a white farmhouse led to a thin line of trees, and then to a huge field. And there was something else there in the field. Something man-made. Something really big."
I love that I have this 'something' on a notebook!

I also received this one ... with a subtle 99% INVISIBLE design.

I am delighted and will happily support them again. If you want something interesting to listen to when out walking the dog ... you can't go far wrong with 99% INVISIBLE.


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