Monday, February 24, 2014

Diaphanous by Harnes Kretzer from Petrichor

Diaphanous from Samantha Castrillón on Vimeo.

My review of “Petrichor” by Harnes Kretzer is up on and I wanted to share this video with you ... it is for "Diaphanous", an exceptional track on an exceptional album:
"Throughout “Petrichor” Kretzer moves with ease between the elegance of neo-classical, the rough-edged skitter of glitchy electronic and the haunting beauty of atmospheric ambient … Kretzer even plays the most soulful electric piano on one track – ‘Diaphonous’ – and adeptly incorporates field recordings on another, the hidden track at the end of the release (spoilers, sweetie!). It is this consistent ingenuity that I find utterly endearing … a fluid seamlessness that points to an exceptional talent … a talent that captured my attention as the listener from the off & held it through the length of the release."


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