Friday, February 21, 2014

Four more releases from weareallghosts

Dronescape 015 has been a blessing to me ... aiding my painfully slow recovery ... and helping me to rest. My sincere thanks to Cousin Silas for the care he has poured into this dronescape ... it is appreciated, especially at this time.


"Both expansive & dystopian, these sounds present the future of our dreams as being more akin to the stuff of our nightmares ... they give the listener an all too brief insight into the eerie unsettling liminal state just beyond our reckoning, just beyond our remembering, where we span two worlds and stare into the deepest recesses of the unknown."


"This is music for both the head and the heart, a late-night hit of somatic bliss that, in equal measure, inspires and comforts."


"It is an album bursting with new ideas and fresh expression ... an album that features the kind of engaging sound-pictures in each of its twelve tracks that I simply cannot get enough of. It shifts from dark, eerie ambience to moments of futuristic expressionism with ease ... filling my ears with that most wonderfully oxymoronic of all musical joys ... familiar yet utterly new soundscapes."


My week netlabel is growing from strength to strength ... and I am delighted with this current batch of releases.


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